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Our Story
Our Mission.

East West Karate teaches men, women and children how to use martial arts to feel stronger, healthier and more confident inside a cooperative learning environment. It means each of our students gets a safe classroom in which to learn the martial arts, and a professional level of attention to help them reach their fitness and self-defense goals.

Kids Karate

Our schools provide a fun learning environment teaching practical self-defense with the purpose of helping children and adults to reach their full potential.

Teens / Adults

Modern Martial Arts is the foundation of our curriculum. It combines several disciplines of Martial Arts and Self-Defense along with various strength, endurance and flexibility training to provide you with a complete full body workout.


The Dojo

Our Team

Our martial arts programs are geared not towards tournaments and competition, but rather a learning environment to enrich students regardless of age, natural ability or stage of life. Our dojos seek to cultivate what Jigoro Kano called “mutual benefit” for all practitioners.

We believe in treating the martial arts as an art, not a sport. There are no trophies or VIP awards on the walls of our school. We are much happier to hang framed letters from the local charities and partnerships to which we contribute each month.

The martial arts are often confused with just a series of physical techniques. At East West Karate, the martial arts actually encompass a philosophical attitude and approach to life which gives the practitioner tools for self-defense, physical health and mental discipline.

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