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Our adult program is a modern blend of martial art skills including kickboxing and practical self-defense.  Some of the benefits you will experience from our program are:

  • Fitness
  • Stress Relief
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Self-Defense
  • Goal Setting, and SO MUCH MORE!

Safety First

Safety is our first concern, so children learn from their first day to engage with other students as partners, not opponents. There are no tournaments, competitions or contests setting one child against another.

Fitness & Self-Defense

Our adult classes focus on a challenging physical workout based on kickboxing, self-defense, and modern conditioning techniques.

Mind & Body

Our Adult Martial Arts program will help you to understand self-defense, focus, and discipline in a safe, fun, active and cooperative environment. Goal setting and personal achievement are our top priorities for our students.




Weight Loss


Stamina and Endurance


Strength and Toning


Stress Relief

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Could not ask for a better Karate School than East West for my son. Sensei Joe and all the staff are professional, friendly, enjoyable to watch and fabulous with the kids. The school maintains a family atmosphere running fun sleepovers for the kids to fundraisers for different charities throughout the year. I could not tell you how highly I value the way the staff deal with the children, with encouragement and fun while teaching important lessons. No other karate school compares.

Jen Richichi

EWK is wonderful! Our entire family participates! The kids have gained amazing confidence and skills. My husband and I enjoy the fitness and self defense. The entire staff are great and the positive environment is amazing to be involved in

Samantha Gorrell

If you are looking to get yourself or your children involved in the Martial Arts you should definitely join East West Karate – Warminster! I can’t speak highly enough of the instructor team – all of whom work with students of all ages and abilities and promote “black belt excellence” inside and outside of the dojo through various monthly character challenges in conjunction with skill and discipline training. We have been a part of this family for nearly 3 years now, and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my son’s focus and goal setting, physical fitness and karate skills. Now that I am a student myself, I truly see first hand the benefits of Martial Arts training for self confidence, weight loss and focus. What I like best is the family atmosphere as the dojo has become so much more than a place to work out, but with so many friendly faces on the staff and students alike, it is a place that I truly enjoy visiting 3-4 times a week.

Debby Peters

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